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*Improve your pronunciation skills;

*Improve your vocabulary;

*Memorize verb conjugation;

*Improve your reading skills;

*Help you to understand the language when someone talk to you.


Based on our 14-year experience teaching the Brazilian Portuguese language in the Bay Area, we have developed our own methodology and materials.

Our textbook and workbook are a result of many years of experience, research and practice.

Our goal is giving you the right information, saving your time and your money, so you can improve your conversational skills fast and efficiently.

We have also developed/recorded two voice mp3 files that will help you with your homework and practice your conversational skills at home while improving your vocabulary.

Additional FREE materials will be delivered as needed.


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Carlos Vasconcelos.
Portuguese Teacher and Director.

Address: On Sutter St. at Powell St. in front of Wallgreens Store, San Francisco, CA.
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