Individual Grammar and Conversation Classes
through Skype

The Skype classes were designed for students at all levels that can’t attend to a regular group classes at our locations (San Francisco and San Jose). Perfect for professionals with busy schedules that need individual personalized tutoring to improve their communication skills faster.

The student will use Skype (a totally free downloadable program that streams high quality audio and video data via Internet). You will have a personal teacher whenever you want, wherever you are. Please check the website, download it for free and create a free account. We can also walk you through the download process at no cost.

Intenisve Portuguese Classes for Beginners

  • Based on our ten-year experience we have developed our own methodology and materials. Our textbook and workbook are a result of many years of experience and research. They will help you to improve your skills fast and efficiently. We have also developed two voice CD's (Mp3 files) you can download in to your computer or Mp3 player and use to practice communication, listening and accent at home. Additional free materials will be delivered as needed.
  • The Beginners Program focuses on providing independence to our students. We provide tools (grammar / vocabulary / books / CD's) so our students are not hooked on repetition. You will learn the basics of Portuguese language and be able to converse about different subjects. It is also great for travelers. If you are planning a trip to Brazil, this is the right class for you as well as students that are planning to learn the language for other purposes such as business.
  • Fees: Our fees are the lowest in town. We charge U$ 35.00 per hour for the individual / personalized classes through Skype. Materials are free of charge. You can pay as you go. The Beginners Program usually takes up to 6 hours to be complited. Just let us know the amount of money you are planning to spend and we will design a program that will fit your budget.
  • Learn the basics of the Portuguese Language: verbs, articles, prepositions, contractions, idiomatic expressions, conversational skills, improve your pronunciation, introduce yourself, ask and give directions, be polite, learn the past tense and present tense verb conjugations, hours and dates, deal with Brazilian Money, take a plane, busses and taxis and be independent. We do not believe in repetitions. We will give you the right tools so you can make up your own phrases.


Most frequently asked questions:

:: Do I need to have a camera to Skype with my individual tutor?
No, you do not need to have a camera. It would be better if you did so we could observe your pronunciation. Your individual tutor will have a camera and stream live images and talk to you as if they were right next to you, answering all your questions. That’s the magic of Skype.



:: How do I connect with the portuguesebrazil Skype ID?


First you will need to download the Skype program, then you sign up creating your Skype ID all for FREE. It’s like signing up for a free email account such as “Hotmail” or “Gmail”. Than you will add our Skype ID on to your account (portuguesebrazilschool); we will accept your request and contact you to let you know that we are ready to go.

:: How do I schedule a class?
You call us at 
(415) 799-8075  or email us your availability to Once we have your information, we will contact you back and confirm the date and time for your first class.

:: How do I get the materials?
You will get them via email. It includes handouts and two 50-minute MP3 files that will help you to improve your communication, listening and writing skills besides helping with your accent.

:: Can I customize a class according to my niche of interest?
Yes. You can customize your class according to your interest. Just email us your niche of interest and we will design the material to help you to reach your specific goal, as well as guide you through all kinds of free Internet sources, so you can work on your own after classes. Business vocabulary classes are available.

:: Prices:
We charge $35 per hour.

 :: How do I pay?

 You could mail us a check. We also accept money transfer or direct deposit in to the school account. No credit cards are accepted for Skype classes. We will email you our account information as soon as we start the enrollment and scheduling  process.

Please email us the information listed below:


      *Day and night phone number

      *Day of the week and time you would like to take classes

      *Please allow us 48 hours to respond your request for an application.

Address: 500 Sutter Street, Suite # 310, San Francisco, CA (on Sutter at Powell).

I look forward to teaching you Portuguese.

Muito obrigado!

Carlos Vasconcelos.

Portuguese Teacher and Director.

Portuguese Brazil San Francisco School.

Address: On Sutter St. at Powell St. in front of Wallgreens Store, San Francisco, CA. 

(415) 799 7593