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General Information:


*Starting Date: Please email us for starting date and location.

Save money and time! Learn Portuguese fast! Switch Program was developed based on our 12-year experience teaching the Brazilian Portuguese language to Spanish speakers.

 These classes focus on conversational skills and grammar. NO ENGLISH IS USED IN CLASS. It feels like an emersion program.

You will do a lot of listening at first and learn the basics of Portuguese grammar. It will help you to understand the differences in between these two languages and overcome your accent in a few classes.

CD's, DVD's, Internet, Brazilian TV shows. magazines, movies and printed handouts will be used in class. We also work with Podcasts that you can download in to your computer or MP3 player. This resource will help you to improve your communication / listening skills.

*After the first 4-week session you will have the option to continue on, in your group, same time, same day as you move on to the next level.

Enrollment: email us the information listed below to receive an application at portugueseclass@hotmail.com for classes in San Francisco.


  1. *Name
  2. *Day and night phone number
  3. *Please allow us 48 hours to respond your request for an application.


Our classes fill up fast. Students will be enrolled as they are identified.

I look forward to teaching you Portuguese.

Muito obrigado!

Carlos Vasconcelos.
Portuguese Teacher and Director.
Email: portugueseclass@hotmail.com
(415) 799 7593